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Skiffs Inventory

Skiffs Inventory

Skiff boats are some of the most popular boats around, and once you get to know how pleasant life can be in a skiff, it's no wonder why. The term “skiff” can be used to describe many different types of small boats. In fact, the term is often used as a catch-all for any type of boat that has a few basic traits.

Skiffs are more broadly defined as boats that can be flat-bottomed, but that have a pointed or curved bow and a flat stern. Both names are often used interchangeably as a name for small boats, normally used for fishing, and that are capable of traversing extremely shallow waters.


There are certainly many advantages to the simplicity that comes with owning a skiff boat. If you’re considering one, here are just a few perks to keep in mind:


Skiff boats have a flat, solid bottom that makes walking around the boat much easier. There is no deadrise on a skiff, which eliminates the rocking that is common of boats with sharper angles, like some sail boats, for example. You should be able to move about freely and even stand on the gunwales with little to no worry of falling or capsizing.

Fuel Economy

Skiffs are lightweight boats, which means they don’t need a huge, powerful motor that drinks a lot of gas. They might not be the fastest boats on the water, but they’ll save a fortune on fuel compared to a lot of other cruising and fishing models.

Shallow Water Access

A flat-bottom boat literally floats on the water. This may result in some slapping and occasional issues with spray, but that also means that your boat can navigate through almost no water at all. Even a few inches will be enough, and other boaters will be jealous when you’re fishing a great catch in areas they can’t even reach.


Most skiffs have a flat hull that is filled with foam to assist with floatation. This foam also has the added benefit of making these boats almost unsinkable. In more than one case, people have literally cut a skiff in half and it still floats, even with people in it, despite not having all four sides to keep the water out.

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